Melting Pot America

“The feelings our customers have when they leave our store will determine how soon they will be back.”-Sam Walton

Walmart’s digital brand promotes a sense of community and character. The company aims to serve everyone in a caring, innovative, authentic, straightforward, and optimistic fashion. Their marketing imagery of happiness, joy, family,  makes me want to buy their product because it evokes a sense of pathos in regards to my own personal life.

One thing Walmart might consider in order to improve their digital brand is to include more diversity in terms of family structure, gender, and ethnicity. Because each of these issues are hot topics in American culture, Walmart would benefit from including a wider range of actors. If they can successfully incorporate all familial structures, they would be able to personally identify with diverse America and reach an infinitely wider range of consumers.

Here’s a look into Walmart’s branding: Walmart Digital Branding





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